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Tên tập tinkích thướctập tin phiên bảnmô tả
acexbe.dll354kb.14.0.4732.1000Microsoft Access database engine xBASE ISAM
Publisher policy to load 14.0 assemblies instead of 12.0 assemblies.
aslts.dll98kb.14.0.4733.1000Microsoft OneNote Audio Search East Asian Phonetic Parser
asmain.dll975kb.14.0.4733.1000Microsoft OneNote Audio Search
assapife.dll2131kb.14.0.4733.1000Microsoft OneNote Audio Search API Front End
autoshap.dll14kb.14.0.4730.1010MS Office Global MediaStore Elements re AutoShap
bullets.dll14kb.14.0.4730.1010MS Office Global MediaStore Elements re Bullets
busdata.dll114kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation Business Data
busdatar.dll114kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation Business Data
cagcat10.dll14kb.14.0.4730.1010MS Office Global MediaStore Elements re CagCat10
cdlmso.dll388kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft CDL
collimp.dll69kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Office 2010 component
contab32.dll132kb.14.0.4734.1000Outlook Address Book Service
contactpicker.dll164kb.14.0.4731.1000Microsoft Contact Selector Control
dbghelp.dll1055kb.6.11.0001.402 (debuggers(dbg).090130-1553)Windows Image Helper
dlgsetp.dll85kb.14.0.4734.1000Delegate Access Extension
dwdcw20.dll514kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Event Reporting Disk Cleanup Wizard
dwintl20.dll105kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Application Error Reporting
emablt32.dll113kb.14.0.4734.1000Outlook LDAP Address Book Provider
entitydh.dll47kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Office 2010 component
entitypicker.dll192kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Office 2010 component
envelope.dll151kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Outlook Envelope Control
Publisher policy to load 14.0 assemblies instead of 11.0 assemblies.
expsrv.dll442kb.6.1.1589Visual Basic for Applications Runtime - Expression Service
exp_pdf.dll102kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Office PDF Export
exp_xps.dll57kb.14.0.4734.1000Microsoft Office Xps Export
fbiblio.dll79kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft Office 2010 component
fm20.dll1179kb.14.0.4730.1010Microsoft® Forms DLL
form.dll208kb.14.0.4730.1010Table Recognition for Asian OCR
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