America in the 1920s The Roaring Twenties

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America in the 1920s The Roaring Twenties

Key social attributes of the 1920s

I. Consumerism

Consumption was key! Increase in Advertising Appeal to youth and beauty. Introduction of the chain store

JC Pennies, Sears. Piggly Wiggly
II. Materialism

Stressing money and material goods over intellectual, spiritual, and artistic concerns.

Modern day Yuppie

III. Rise of the White Collar Worker

Corporations led to new jobs: typists, clerks, management, insurance, & banking.

192O-193O Rose 36%

Rise of the Middle Class

1923-1929 Real income rose ll%

IV. Increase time for leisure and increase in
disposable income.

Disposable Income- $ left to spend on leisure after all necessities are purchased.

Sports: Baseball, Boxing

Fads: New pop culture in fashion, music.

V. Increase in Mass Media

Radio & billboards

Newspapers/ Magazines (1,500 New Magazines) Movies - 1927 1st talking motion picture Increase in advertising

VI. Building of Infrastructure

Infrastructure: The roads, bridges, electricity plants, etc... vital to industry.

Roads 192O-193O 100,000 miles (161,OOO Kilometers) of roads were paved

1919 1st traffic light introduced
Schools Built- by 1930 51% of high school aged students attended school.

VII. Age of the Installment Loans and Credit

By 1928 85% of furniture, 80% phonographs, 75% washing machines, 70% refrigerators…

Were bought on credit.

VIII. Age of the automobile

"America's freedom"

1927 1 car for every 5.3 people

Could buy a Model T for less than $3OO (Average income was $2,OOO a year)

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