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Concluding Paragraph Connection Decade Paper

Sequential Development November 19, 2009

Point of View

Thesis Statement

1970’s Fashion

Are you still wearing the seventies look? I like the fashion in the 1970’s that’s why I chose it. There are many things I want to find out about the 70’s fashion like where the trends came from, what all different styles there are and how the fashions change within the years.

70’s fashion began where the 60’s left off. The 70’s were also more relaxed than the 60’s as well. The 1970’s took a multitude of different styles and influences. This time period is compacted with mini, midi and maxi dresses and skirts. Then there were the flared pants with the platform soles. The casual look was always in but the punk look and the disco fashion took over the 70’s. Its fashion began with a continuation of the mini skirts, flared pants and the hippie look from the late 60’s. (http://www.retrowow.co.uk/retro_britain/70s/70s_fashion.html)

The popularity of the mini skirt was also challenged in the early 70’s. Sole platform shoes appeared on the fashion scene in 1971. The soles were two to four inches thick and came in many different colors and designs. These soles and flared pants defined the 70’s trend. Flared pants were from the hippy fashion, they were worn by both men and women. The flare pants started flaring from the knee downward. The platform shoes were worn by women and mainly by fashionable men. There were also health warnings about damage that they could cause to the back later in life but the fashion trend didn’t last long enough for it to take effect. (http://www.fashion-era.com/1970s.htm)

Men’s fashion adopted the feminine look in the 1970’s. Their shirts were tight fitting with the big popped collars and bright color patterns. The short sleeved and baseball jersey t-shirts were popular with most teenage boys. The tight-fitting shorts were a fashion craze for girls and young women also the crop tops were often worn sometimes with a halter neck by them. The zippered jumpsuit was popular with both men and women as well. The 1970’s clothing inspired many modern dancers. Many teenage girls and some women wore skin-tight spandex trousers, tube tops, and slit skirts, it was very popular. Charlie’s Angels was a sex symbol during this time period. Farrah Fawcett poster was released in 1976 and sold over twelve million copies. The posters featured her with long blonde hair, perfect white teeth and wearing a one piece swimsuit which launched the trend for many women. (http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/1970s_in_fashion)

Then stores began to specialize in western styles, selling cowboy boots and other items. The fashion for tucking jeans into boots became part of the seventies “look” too. The tough-guy image implied by wearing lumberjack and cowboy clothes. It was adopted by the gay community on the West Coast. It was popularized when The Village People, a disco squad dressed up as macho men like a cop, biker and cowboy. (Herald, J. (1992) Fashions of a Decade: The 1970s. New York)

The disco scene was huge in the 1970’s. Performance dancing was popular with variations of the shake. Dance clubs created a venue for a new kind of clothing called disco wear which was based on stretch clothing and light reflecting fabrics that shines under disco lighting. In the 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever which starred John Travolta. The “disco look” complete with three-piece suits for men and wrap-around jersey dresses for women. Disco look was memorable for its hot pants and spandex tops. Disco gave way to dress codes and a door screening policy. Disco wear was never acceptable for a day wear only at night which it was only possible to wear to be part of the strobe lighting, mirror balls and spotlight of individuals. (http://www.retrowow.co.uk/retro_britain/70s/70s_fashion.html)

The most lasting image of the seventies has been punk. The media paid so much attention to punk. The New York Dolls and The Ramones, who wore jeans torn below the knee which were very influential. The hairstyle the Mohawk look had become an identifying feature of punk youths. Punk came to most people’s attention through the band, The Sex Pistols. Punk was a rejection of anything that was considered good taste. Ripped and bleached clothes were part of the look, as well as spiked hair, dyed in bright colors. Black makeup and safety pins as earrings were often worn too. Punk itself lasted into the early 80’s. ( http://www.fashion-era.com/1970s.htm)

In conclusion the fashion in the 70’s was pretty exotic and some pretty creative styles. Some styles and trends are still worn today and some of the 70’s fashion is coming back into style, even though I wouldn’t wear half of the seventies clothes they wore. I enjoyed how some of the fashion had a background story to it like the punk fashion. I learned a considerable amount about 70’s fashion during this assignment and I found a lot of it interesting.

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