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Certificate in Art History – online learning

Sophie Hollinshead

Subject Specialist Art History and Film Studies

School of Education

University of Nottingham

Jubilee Campus

Wollaton Road

Nottingham NG8 1BB

Telephone: +44 (0)115 8466477

Email: Sophie.hollinshead@nottingham.ac.uk

This certificate course is designed for students who want a flexible learning package that offers them the ability to study modules by online methods. The course has been designed to give students a good all-round knowledge of the history of art.
In order to complete the Certificate in Art History you need to acquire a total of 120 credits including 50 credits from core modules. Usually students study 2 modules per term (these will be the same modules that non distance learning Certificate students will be studying at the Centre for Continuing Education). This allows students to complete the certificate in 2 years. It is possible to study for the certificate over a longer period of time but this must be arranged with the course convenor, Sophie Hollinshead.

Course Content

You can start the course at the beginning of any module (i.e. at the start of any of the three University of Nottingham terms in October, January and April). Although the certificate takes two years to complete both years are intended as equally suitable for those starting their studies.

Year 1

Introduction to Art History: Methods and Materials (core module)

10 credits

Introduction to Art History: Thematic Studies – Landscape (core module)

10 credits

Values in the Arts (core module)

10 credits

History of Design 1851-1951 10 credits
Venetian Renaissance Art 10 credits
Movements in Art – the Twentieth Century 10 credits

Year 2
Introduction to Art History: History and Theory (core module)

10 credits

Introduction to Art History: Modernism and Theory (core module)

10 credits

Historical Art: Neo-Classicism and Romanticism 10 credits
Historical Art: Realism and Impressionism 10 credits
Early Italian Renaissance 10 credits
Baroque Art 10 credits
Courses are delivered over an eight week period, the same period in which taught classes run at the CCE.
Your tutor

Your tutor for the Certificate in Art History will be Sophie Hollinshead, the Subject Specialist for Art History at the Centre for Continuing Education. You should contact her with any queries about your course or assignments. You are also entitled to individual tutorial time with your tutor; this may consist of a face to face meeting, or a tutorial given by telephone or email. You will have weekly contact with your tutor via the WebCT facility.

Course Materials

Course materials will be made available weekly and is accessed through the University of Nottingham’s WebCT system. When you enrol for a module you will be given a University username and password which will allow you to access this facility. You will be sent details of how to do this at the start of your first module. Materials will consist of notes, images, recommended reading, web links, texts, questions and answer sheets etc. However, as developing research skill is an important part of all the modules offered you will also need to access some of the recommended reading by using libraries. A booklist and details of assessment requirements is provided for each module studied.

Web CT also gives you the chance to communicate with the rest of the distance learning group.

Assessment for the Art History Certificate will be in the form of written assignments, essays, portfolios of shorter pieces of work, reports, comparisons etc. Each 10 credit module will require you to submit work totalling 3000 – 3500 words. You will be given a list of assignment titles and deadlines at the start of each module.

Your work must be submitted in hard copy or on a CD to:

The Undergraduate Office

Centre for Continuing Education

School of Education

University of Nottingham

Jubilee Campus

Wollaton Road

Nottingham NG8 1BB

If you require longer than the deadline given to complete your work you can apply for a further 3 weeks extension of deadline. If for any serious reason you cannot submit your work on time you can apply to be given extenuating circumstances. This can be given in cases of serious or prolonged illness, bereavement etc.

Assignment receipt forms, extension forms etc. will be available online for you to download.

Frequently Asked Questions
If I am unsure about this method of learning can I just enrol for one module to see how I get on?

Yes, just make it clear to the person who takes your enrolment enquiry that this is what you are doing.

What entry qualifications do I need?

All are encouraged to apply. Depending on whether you wish to study for the certificate in Art History or just one of its component modules, the following will apply:

There are no formal qualifications required. However, you should have an appropriate level of literacy skills; a background knowledge and interest in the subject you intend to study; an intention to complete the programme.
I want to study for the Certificate in Art History

Applicants are normally required to have 2 grade C’s at A’ Level or their equivalent. If you have been out of education for a while or do not have A’ Levels we may ask you to ‘evidence’ your ability to undertake work at this level. Students who study through the conventional route are invited to an informal interview, we recognise that this may not be possible for students wishing to study by distance learning so we may ask to have a brief telephone or email conversation with you before you begin your studies with us.

Will I need to be IT literate?

A basic knowledge of how to use a computer will be useful. For this course being able to access the University of Nottingham website (for your WebCT materials and emails) should be all the knowledge you need

Do I need a computer?

It will be necessary for you to have regular access to a computer to study by distance learning. Assignments should be word processed.

Are there exams?

No, all Distance Learning Art History modules are assessed by course work.

Can I use the University of Nottingham library facilities?

If you live within travelling distance of Nottingham you may use the library at the University Adult Education Centre (UAEC) on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham city centre, or the Hallward Library on the University of Nottingham’s main campus. However you will need to obtain a user’s card from the UAEC in order to access any library facilities.

What does a Certificate in Art History give me?

You will obtain a nationally recognised Certificate from the University of Nottingham, one of the top British Universities.

How do I enrol?


Telephone: +44 (0)115 9516516

How much does it cost?

Studying by the online system incurs no additional expense. Your fees are exactly the same as those students studying through more conventional routes.

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