Exchange Rate: 1 Euro = 48 5 Euros = 41 10 Euros = $14. 82 15 Euros = $22. 22 Atms are the most efficient way to get cash and will save money on commission fees. Use an atm or debit card (with a pin)

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Portugal and Spain Fast Facts

Exchange Rate:

1 Euro = $1.48

5 Euros = $7.41

10 Euros = $14.82

15 Euros = $22.22
ATMs are the most efficient way to get cash and will save money on commission fees. Use an ATM or debit card (with a PIN). Verify with your bank that your credit card will work, inquire about fees, and alert them that you will be making withdrawals in Europe. You may also bring cash or Traveler’s Checks if it is not possible to get a debit card.
Weather and Time:

Highs 65º 21 days/month without rain

Low 45º

North Carolina is 6 hours behind Madrid (12 noon in Madrid is 6 am in Davidson)

Portugal 220V, Spain 240V - You will need a two-pronged adapter plug and a converter.


We will collect tip money for tour leaders and drivers before we leave. You do not need to tip at hotels, but if you want to reward exceptional service, you may give the porter a euro or two for carrying bags or leave a few euros in your hotel for the cleaners.

Calling Home:

Phone cards are usually about 20-30 euros (students may want to split the cost). To call home from Europe, you must first dial 001, then the area code + phone number. It is cheaper to call home after 10 pm (4 pm in Davidson) and before 8 am (2 am in Davidson so don’t call)


Specific vaccinations are not required to enter these countries. The following website provides health and travel information from the Center for Disease Control. It is always good to check with your physician well in advance of your departure date to see if your routine vaccinations are up-to-date.
Download 6.03 Kb.

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