Holocaust paper: Motives, Processes, and Consequences of the Holocaust 5 paragraph essay

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Holocaust paper: Motives, Processes, and Consequences of the Holocaust

5 paragraph essay

You must construct a five (5) paragraph essay on one of the following topics related to the Holocaust: Motivation for the Holocaust, Process of the Holocaust, or Consequences of the Holocaust.

  1. Motives: Genocide, Blame groups for WWI defeat, scapegoating, black plague (poisoning wells), Jews blamed for killing Jesus of Nazareth, economic issues (post WWI, economic collapse, Treaty of Versailles), Nuremberg laws (illegal to marry a Jew), European Jewry

  • What impact did various motives play in the blaming of Jews and other disenfranchised groups leading up to and during the Holocaust?

  • How did various motives lead towards the targeting of Jews and other disenfranchised groups during World War II and the Holocaust?

  1. Processes: Concentration Camps, Tagging of groups, patch wearing, dehumanization, forced labor, zyklon b, Nuremberg laws (illegal to marry a Jew), Night of Broken Glass/Kristallnacht, creation of ghettos, Final Solution (destruction of inferior races), gas chambers,

  • How did the processes of the Holocaust used to target groups impact future policy in regards to modern warfare?

  • How did the processes used by the Nazis help unify the Allies to fight against the Nazis.

  1. Consequences: Diaspora, Creation of a Jewish state, regulations against Jewish immigrants [many countries did not accept Jewish refugees], distrust of Germans, Hitler favored emigration as a solution to what he called the the “Jewish Problem”, creation of ghettos, Survivors [psychological issues], children of survivors

  • What lasting effects do we see today from the consequences of the Holocaust?

  • What consequence did the Holocaust have on the survivors of the Holocaust?

“The equivalent of the Holocaust could happen today or in the near future”


  1. Schindler’s List

  2. Band of Brothers last episode

  3. The Stranger

  4. The Search

  5. The Juggler

  6. Singing in the Dark

  7. The Diary of Anne Frank

  8. Exodus

  9. Judgement at Nuremberg

  10. The Pawnbroker

  11. The Only Way

  12. The Day the Clown Died

  13. The Hiding Place

  14. The man in the glass booth

  15. Marathon Man

  16. The house on Garibaldi street

  17. Sohpie’s Choice

  18. The Wall

  19. Wallenberg: A hero’s story

  20. Hannah’s War

  21. Pursuit

  22. Music Box

  23. Triumph of the Spirit

  24. Alan and Naomi

  25. And Many Happy Returns

  26. Voice of the Children

  27. The Empty Mirror

  28. The Man who captured Eichmann

  29. Mother Night

  30. Substance of Fire

  31. Warsaw Story

  32. Pola’s March

  33. The Devil’s Arithmetic

  34. Jakob the Liar

  35. The March

  36. The Grey Zone

  37. The pianist

  38. Out of the ashes

  39. The singing forest

  40. Everything is illuminated

  41. Defiance

  42. Boy in the striped pajamas

  43. Swing kids

  44. Life is beautiful

  45. Victory

  46. Charlotte gray

  47. Island on bird street

  48. The sorrow and the pity

  49. Into the strangers arms: stories of the kindertransports

  50. Paper clips

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