Home: 425 Coronet Drive, Blandon, pa 19510; tel.: (610) 944-7577 Current Position

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Yong Huang
School: Department of Philosophy, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA 19530

E-mail: yhuang@kutztown.edu; Tel.: (610) 683-4556

Home: 425 Coronet Drive, Blandon, PA 19510; tel.: (610) 944-7577

Current Position: Professor of Philosophy, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Education: Th.D. (1990-1998) Theology Harvard University

Ph.D. (1984-1987) Philosophy Fudan University (Shanghai)

M.A. (1981-1984) Philosophy Fudan University

B.A. (1977-1981) Philosophy East China Normal University (Shanghai)

Theses Topics: Th.D.: “Religious Goodness and Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian ` Debate”

Ph.D.: “Thomas Aquinas and Martin Heidegger on Essence and Existence”

M.A.: “A Theory of Knowledge: Thomas Aquinas on the Intentional Existence”

Academic President, Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (1999-2001)

Affiliations: Vice President, International Institute of Field-Being at the Fairfield University of Connecticut (1998-2000)

Member, Committee on the Status of Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies, American Philosophical Association (2001-2004)

Member, American Academy of Religion,

Member, American Philosophical Association

Member, International Society of Chinese Philosophy

Member, Association of Asian Studies

Directory: conference
conference -> Who does what? Predicting pastor’s probability of publishing
conference -> To Leave or to Take? How Thomas Jefferson’s and Alexander Hamilton’s Influences Still Resonate in the World Today
conference -> Population Synthesis Reference List: Pre-2009 Arentze, T., Timmermans, H. J. P., Hofman, F
conference -> 2009 (3) Goodchild, Anne, Eric Jessup and Edward McCormack
conference -> Taiwan 26-28 August 2010 call for papers
conference -> Length: 44694 words article: beyond accountability: the constitutional, democratic, and strategic problems with privatizing war name
conference -> God’s Eternal Truth in a changing World and Your Servant-Leadership Role
conference -> Can Contemporary America Compensate African Americans for Past Injuries and Present Inequalities?
conference -> International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage icard co-Sponsors Include
conference -> Diversity of the student body and social cohesion Millicent Poole

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