It should be evident to all that the Kingdom of

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Overview of the situation on Earth

It should be evident to all that the Kingdom of Jesus-the-Lamb, which is characterized by Peace, Love and Goodwill among men, is not yet established on Earth. We still have the rule of the Old reptilian Rulers of the planet, which is characterized by aggressive individualism, selfishness, greed, exploitation of man by his fellowman and the dominance of the most aggressive predators in all fields of human endeavor.
And, it would be naive to believe that these Rulers are themselves so naive or stupid as to grant or concede any authority to individuals or organized groups or Nations that do not serve their purpose or to anyone that undermines their Authority. All Authorities, Imperial, Political, Military, Economic, Religious, Cultural, Educational etc are promoted by them, even through ‘democratic elections’, and function under their control. Furthermore, they control all centers that disseminate scientific knowledge to the public as well as centers that form and direct public thinking; Religion, Education, the Cinema and all the Mass Media; (the latter are controlled by the 666 Titan and the Grays because they are the ones behind their technology and, therefore, best qualified to use these media for subliminal control).
The 666 is the Titan of Fire and is behind the Fire technology we practice today. –Smokers and addicts of fire-food, like barbeques, coffee, chocolate etc are heavily virused by the 666–. His name is IAPETOS. Written in the Greek alphabet, in which all ranks and numeric codes are expressed, this name sums to 666: Ι+Α+Π+Ε+Τ+Ο+Σ = 10+1+80+5+300+70+200 = 666. The corresponding Nordic deity of Fire is HELLA, which, written in Greek, also sums to 666: Χ+Ε+Λ+Λ+Α = 600+5+30+30+1 = 666. From HELLA come words like Hellene, Hell and Hello. Iapetos is the ‘father’ of Prometheus, the Patriarch of the Hellenes and giver of Fire to Mankind. PANDORA, with her chest of gifts, is the Technology of Fire with all her goodies that eventually fly away and leave Mankind with vain hope and piles of empties; a destroyed Ecosystem. (See numeric alphabet on page 76 of the MAGAZINE).
Calicastia is the Prince of this Planet, appointed by Lucifer. Calicastia’s highest shrine is Kaila Mountain in Tibet and he exercises his Administration through his ministerial council of the ‘Majestic 12’. Behind these is Christ’s (Sanat Kumara’s) White Lodge, a Senate of 33 high mystics in Shambala-353, in Wesak valley west of Kaila Mt. These, and the whole pyramid of administrators, all the way down to the personal ‘godfathers’ or ‘overselves’, make up the ‘Heavenly Authority’ (or ‘Heavens level 2’) of the planet.
Calicastia has direct dominion only in Tibet, the Himalayas, India and SE Asia. The West is ruled by Hermes, (Calicastia’s vassal in the West), and his Christ through the Nordic warrior race. Christ is Mermek the prince of Nebadon, the destroyed 5th planet of our solar system. The Nubadonian survivors immigrated to Earth and incarnated among the Nordic divine race, distinguished for their aggression and their administrative skills. They ruled both Lemuria and Atlantis, which had the same fate as Nebadon because of their abuse of higher technology. Today’s Nordic European Christian Nations are descendents of the survivors of the ruling caste of Atlantis and they have been ruling the rest of the World, either through conquering and Administrative Colonialism or through Economic Colonialism.
(The Heavenly Authorities at ‘level 2’ have a corresponding governing core at ground level. As there are the 33 members in the ‘White Lodge’ in Shambala and the ‘12 Zodiac Lords’ at the head of the Administration pyramid, there is a ‘Committee of the Majority’, with all its 33 members top-ranking Freemasons and, below these, an executive body of the ‘Board of the 12’, (known also as the ‘Majestic 12’). The ‘Committee’ controls and coordinates all top level and top secret affairs globally, including the CIA, acting behind all Governments in the Western hemisphere, some of them being also members of Cabinets. It is also important enough to mention in this short text that the Dragon’s initiation in Europe stems from the wizard-priest Nectanebo, who received the Dragon’s initiation from Hermes in Memphis, before he emigrated to Macedonia to become the hierophant of Olympias and biological father of Alexander the Great. The Druids acquired their Hermic initiation during their return migration to the Balkans with the Keltae-Celts. This is where the staff with the two dragons of Merlin, the wizard-priest of the Druids, comes from. The link between the Balkan Dryads and the Druids is seen in the ancestry of Uther Pendragon. His father was Constantine II, grandson of the Dryad priestess Helen of Byzantium. Alexander was declared by his mother Olympias as ‘the son of the Dragon God’ and, like Constantine I and Arthur Pendragon, was a substitute Christ. He lived for 33 years, had the cross as his official banner and was the first to establish execution by crucifixion. All parameters in Alexander’s life, including his lifespan, were set by his spiritual father Hermes. (Jesus was crucified at the age of 47 years and 8 months, after having taught for 22 years). This is also why the Druids consider ‘33’ as a magic number and why both the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons have 33 degrees of initiation. These are sister organizations and both originated from the Druids. It is also important to mention that many Terrorist organizations, including Al Queda, are financed by the Freemasons. The plan is to generate or strengthen Anti-Jewism in the Christian World, seeing that the cause of all Islamic Terrorism is the existence and support of the State of Israel, which was established by all European Christian Nations that had persecuted the Jews for centuries, moved subconsciously, in order to destroy any sympathy for the Jews, due to the Holocaust, and generate anti-Jewism again, in the form of anti-Zionism. Israel is the worst enemy of the Jews; a Trojan horse Nostradamus V74.)
The first descent of the Nordic race onto the World History scene took place towards the mid 18th century BCE. These are the Danaans, who were moved south in order to thwart the Jevian (Zeus) spirit of the Ionians in the bud. They first conquered the Greek peninsula and subdued the Ionian Greeks on the West side of the Aegean and then moved to ransack and destroy all the Ionian sanctuaries of Zeus on the East side of the Aegean, in what is known as the ‘Trojan War’. Troy already had a dominant Nordic element and acted as the catalyst for the Trojan expedition. All the cities and villages of Asia were plundered to provide for the logistics of the ten-year war, for both the Danaans and the Trojans, and all the Ionian sanctuaries and temples of Zeus were plundered for booty. These Nordic marauders proceeded to settle in both Asia and the areas of Eastern Mediterranean.
Parallel offshoots of these same Nordic people are the Aryans, who bypassed the Caspian and destroyed the civilizations of Central Asia and the Indus River valley, including cities like Harrapa and Mohenjo Daro, (which had been established with the help of the Adamites), the Hittites who destroyed the Adamites in Eastern Anatolia and the Hyksos, the vanguard of the Hittites, who reached as far as Egypt where they turned the descendents of Abraham into slaves and diluted them racially with a few hundredfold of older darker races of slaves. (All these Hyperboreans used the same superior weapons, the longer and stronger sword, the compound laminated bow, the mail shirt and the horse-driven chariot. They also brought with them the feudal syndrome of ownership of both lands and peoples). [From the Aryans stem the Daans and the cattle-breeding Germanians, two

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