Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade

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Social Studies Concept Map


First Grade

Second Grade

  • Human rights and responsibilities

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Past, Present, and Future using timelines

  • Observations of the world, community, and personal space

  • Black History Month

  • Recognizing and Understanding National Symbols

  • Goods and Services

  • Needs and Wants

  • Trades

Field Trip: Combine with Science

Hands on Museum

  • Needs and wants

  • Goods and Services

  • Working together as a community and family

  • Responsibilities and rules within a community and family

  • Caring for others

  • Celebrations and Traditions

  • Past, Present, Future within each students own lives

  • Reading and following Aerial and Eye View Maps

  • Absolute Location

  • Black History Month

Field Trip:

  • Communities

  • Resources within a community

  • Responsibilities within a community

  • Map and its uses

  • Geography (landforms)

  • Roles of individuals in the government.

  • Roles of citizens within a community

  • Changes in the community over time

  • Positive and negative affects on a community

  • Black History Month

Field Trip: Belle Isle (rethinking possibly park with fire station tour)

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

  • Geography of Michigan

  • Landforms

  • Map Skills

  • Early history of Michigan

  • Early Michigan Explorers

  • Michigan Native American Tribes

  • Early American settlers

  • The growth of Michigan

  • Logging / Copper / Assembly Lines

  • Black history month

  • The government of Michigan

  • Economy of Michigan

  • Introduction to Research

Field Trip: Natural History Museum

  • Our Federal Government

  • Rights and responsibilities of citizenship

  • Human geography of the United States

  • Black history month

  • Regions of the United States

  • Economic and public discourse

  • Exploring economics in the United States

  • Presidents

Field Trip: Lansing: Capitol building and museum

  • Our government (federal, state, three branches, constitutional principles)

  • Initial contact of Africa, North America, and Europe

  • Trading (slaves, resources, import/export)

  • Colonization and settlement (Migration, geography, culture)

  • Native Americans and Initial contacts with settlers

  • New colonies and their government, economy, and geography

  • Slavery in the colonies

  • British impacts on colonial government and economy

  • Road to revolution (events leading up to the revolutionary war).

  • The Revolutionary War

  • The new nation- construction and implementation of the constitution.

  • Public discourse

Field trip: Poppleton Elementary School, Troy, Michigan.

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

· 5 themes and 5 aspects of Geography

· Introduction to Map Skills

· Demographics Charts, Graphs, and Map analysis

· World economic systems concepts

· The relationship between government forms and economic systems

· Continents and countries of the world politically

· World regional cultural traits

· Major world physical features

· Issues of Developed and Developing World Countries

  • Latitude/Longitude usage

· Origins of the Species

· Agricultural Revolution

· Definition of History

· Traits of early human society

· Emergence of the 1st human civilizations

· Classical world empires

· Ancient African Kingdoms

· Development of world religions

· Early era of globalization

· Industrial Revolution

· Regional cross-examinations

· Document analysis

· Pre-Columbian Americas

· Colonization and self-government of early colonies

· Geographical difference in colonies

· French/Indian War

· Causation, events and effects of the American War for Independence

· Philosophical influences on the Founding Fathers

· Documents of the American Revolution

· Constitutional Conventions and antecedents

· Articles of Confederation

· Articles of the Constitution, Branches of the US Gov.

· The Bill of Rights & Amendments

· Great Compromise & 3/5ths

· Manifest Destiny, 1st expansion

· Early Years of the New Republic

· Jeffersonian Era

· War of 1812

· Jacksonian Era

· Mexican American War

· 2nd Great Awakening

· Build up to Southern Secession

· Civil War

· Legal changes from the Civil War and important elections

· Challenges of the Reconstruction Era

· The 2nd Industrial Revolution

· Renewed Westward Expansion

· The Gilded Age
Field Trip: Washington DC

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