Nimfm news Tuesday 15 July 2008 In Nimbin, Nimfm has a new show. It’s the Apothecary Show

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NimFM News

Tuesday 15 July 2008
In Nimbin,

NimFM has a new show. It’s the Apothecary Show. I talked to our new presenter, Helen Cameron.

… tk 31

(& for those who don’t know, Aryuveda is an Indian science of how to live to a long life)

Helen was recruited by our own Gail M Clarke, & fast tracked thru to her new program.

Let’s listen to a little snippet of her 2nd show

She sounds pretty professional on only her 2nd show. (I wish I could get there so quickly)

Once again, the Apothecary Show, 12 to 1pm (Australian Eastern Time) Tuesdays
Nimbin Cemetery

(Its getting crowded when you die)

See brochure
Aboriginal Art

Students of Burri are putting on an art expo at the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, right below NimFM, from Friday.

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Court says you DO have the right to annoy.

Two student activists have won a court challenge to special World Youth Day laws that allowed police to detain people or fine them $5,500 for annoying or inconveniencing Catholic pilgrims.

No To Pope Coalition members Amber Pike and Rachel Evans took the New South Wales Government to the Federal Court, arguing the laws were unconstitutional because they would make their peaceful protest illegal.

And the court agreed.

Now out to Wollemi

SMH cutting re new rock art featuring weird human-animal figures.

Over Seas


Where there’s been an Earthquake

An undersea earthquake has struck the south-eastern coast of Greece.

The US Geological Survey says the quake measured 6.4 on the Richter scale.

It hit 70 kilometres south-west of the Greek island of Rhodes. (Rhodes, hmm. Listeners who know their history may recall a giant statue, the Colossus of Rhodes which stood across the strait to Rhodes, also fell down when another earthquake hit in ancient times.)

There have been no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but police say they are on alert.

Scientists working on a drifting ice floe in the Arctic are evacuating because the ice under their lab is melting


Now its 17*

Tomorrow: Possible shower, 10* - 21*
Ta to NimFM (inc Helen) SMH, & the ABC for making tonight’s news possible.
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