Summer Reading Assignment

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AP Government June 2015

Mr.Massetti/ Mr. Wong

Summer Reading Assignment

Welcome to AP United States Government and Politics!

For your summer assignment we have chosen an essay by Charles Beard entitled An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution. It was written in 1913 and considered very controversial at the time it was published. Since we will begin our study of American government with a unit about the Constitutional Convention and the drafting of our Constitution, the Beard essay offers us a great starting point for our study of the Framers and the times in which they lived.
Please read the excerpt and answer the following two questions

  1. How does Beard challenge the Framers view of democracy?

  2. Is the Beard thesis convincing? Explain.

The reading can be found at:

Google: Teaching American History Economic interpretation.

Combined responses should not exceed 400 words

Due date: Friday 9-4
Assignment is worth 20 points.

Download 4.89 Kb.

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