Why is Alexander Graham Bell an important person to know?

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Alexander Graham Bell

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Narrator 1: Why is Alexander Graham Bell an important person to know?
Narrator 2: Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847.
Narrator 1: His father was a famous teacher who taught people how to speak well.
Narrator 2: Alexander’s mother was deaf.
Narrator 1: She was still able to teach him to play the piano.
Narrator 2: Alexander was good at music and science.
Narrator 1: Alexander was interested in sound.
Narrator 2: He also liked to invent things.
Narrator 1: He built a machine that could speak.
Narrator 2: He also tried to make his dog talk.
Narrator 1: In 1871, Alexander moved to Boston.
Narrator 2: During the day, he taught deaf students how to speak.
Narrator 1: At night, he did experiments with sound.
Narrator 2: Alexander wanted to learn more about electricity. In 1874 he met Tom Watson.
Narrator 1: Tom knew how electricity worked. They began to work together.

Narrator 2: Alexander stopped teaching. He did experiments day and night.
Narrator 1: He and Tom wanted to invent a machine that could send voices from one place to another.
Narrator 2: On March 10, Alexander and Tom reached their goal. Alexander spoke to Tom through the first telephone.
Narrator 1: Alexander and Tom made the telephone better. Soon it could send voices many miles.
Narrator 2: In 1915, they made the first telephone call across the United States.
Narrator 1: Alexander spent his life inventing.
Narrator 2: He died in 1922.
Narrator 1: Alexander Graham Bell changed the way people communicate with one another.

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